Specialty License Plates

Do you want to help us ensure our Hoosier youth have opportunities for a GREAT FUTURE?

You can, and will, with the Boys & Girls Clubs in Indiana License plate! When you choose the Boys & Girls Clubs Plate, you’re helping spread awareness about our mission throughout our Hoosier state and beyond!

The BGC license plate is $40, with $25 going directly to the Boys & Girls Clubs in Indiana to support Indiana Youth of the Year.

You can switch to the BGC plate at any time, even if your license plate is not up for renewal. The BMV will prorate your fee.

Eligible Vehicle Types: Motorcycles, Passenger motor vehicles, Recreational vehicles (RV), Trucks with a declared gross weight of not more than 11,000 pounds

How to get your BGC license plate

  1. Login or create your account on the myBMV.com website. (Or click “renew your license plates without creating an account”)
  2. Click “Renew License Plates
  3. Scroll down to license plate / vehicle you wish switch to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and click “Change My Plate
  4. Under “ What category of plate are you looking for?” select “Special Organizations
  5. Under “Now, specific plate would you like to order?” Select “Boys & Girls Clubs in Indiana, Inc
  6. Click “Click Here to Add Cart
  7. Proceed to Checkout.
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