Indiana Kids

A Solid Investment in Student Learning and Growth

The Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs has been operating the Indiana Kids program since January 2006. Through the years we have served a total of 87,383 children and youth. The overall goal of the program was to increase children’s scores on the reading and math fluency sub-tests. Children will make the number of month’s improvement in reading and math as compared to the number of months in the program. Children are also learning about college, career, job readiness, workforce skill development, leadership development, volunteerism, social-emotional learning, and alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention programming.

Basic Demographics

1.66% of families receive TANF, 51.62% receive Hoosier Healthwise / Medicaid, 25.86% receive Food Stamps, 5% live in public housing.

An additional 22.62% report they live at or below the 200% poverty line.

Workforce Development

During the 22-23 PY, 5,848 youth completed workforce skills programming including College & Career Exploration, Junior Staff employment opportunities, and workforce specific skills such as money management, computer skills development, goals for graduation, etc

Beginning October 2017, we added a focus on workforce development issues based on the goals set out by our national office (Boys & Girls Clubs of America) and Governor Holcomb.


Children and Youth provided 25,980 hours of volunteer service during the 22-23 PY to their Club and local communities.

Our Program Impact

106.75% average increase in Reading Fluency Scores

114.94% average increase in Math Fluency Scores

Pre-tests (utilizing the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement Math and Reading Fluency sub-tests) were administered. Results for the pre-tests showed the following when the children/teens started the program.

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