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Find your local representative and send them an email, make a phone call, or make an appointment to meet with them. Let them know you support Boys & Girls Clubs in Indiana.

Agenda for America's Youth

Together we can be champions for youth, ensuring that no matter where a kid is from or the circumstances that surround them, don’t determine their access positive experiences and opportunities that enable success in life.

Out-of-School Time

The time kids spend out of school, is critical for helping provide essential support to young people, closing existing educational opportunity and achievement gaps for under served students; and for keeping communities safe and prospering.

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Safer Childhoods

Kids and teens can’t learn if they don’t feel safe. Every child must feel safe physically and emotionally, not just in Clubs but everywhere, so that they can learn and grow.

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Health & Wellness

Young people are constantly faced with health and behavior choices. Making healthy decisions centered on physical and emotional wellness starts with good judgment, something Clubs teach every day.

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Education, Workforce & Leadership

A skilled and robust workforce is essential to the future of America’s economy. Young people of all backgrounds, especially those who have been traditionally underrepresented, must be equipped with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to be successful in school, career and life.

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Equity & Inclusion

When every young person has access to out-of-school time opportunities, when they’re safe and healthy and when they have essential skills, that is how we can ensure equity and inclusion.

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